but a fucking cancer ward au


a bunch of kids in a the same ward trying to fight their cancers; some aren’t so bad —> Historia’s got a 90% chance, Sasha’s got a 75% chance. But some aren’t so lucky, like Marco and Mikasa. They all see each other in the hospital as they go through treatments and become friends.

And then Eren Jaeger comes along, whose father is this world renown oncologist and people are just cringing at the irony. His odds are absolutely horrific—> a 10% chance. But he’s all smiles and laughs because that’s fine with Eren, he doesn’t mind—10% may not be much of a chance but it’s still a chance and he’s not going to give up. He’s going to fight. Because he can’t win unless he fights. And of he loses, he dies. So he has to fight. He has to try.

His uplifting attitude does well with the other patients. Jean, who was teetering on a 50/50, sees major improvements. Armin, who was at around a 33% chance, is doing better too. Sasha, Connie, Bert, Annie, Reiner, Ymir and Historia too, they all have improvements, some major, some slight. Some become cancer free, some gain just a little more time. The doctors wonder just what Eren’s influence on these kids is. Even Mikasa, the worst of the bunch—10% odds, just like him, sees a major turn around. They think she might actually pull through. 

In the end, everyone makes it, except Marco. And as the other kids mourn his passing, Eren gets some bad news—-and his health declines quickly.

10%. That’s all he had. He fought. He told Armin to fight, he told Jean to fight, he told Mikasa to fight. and they won. But Eren doesn’t make it. The other kids get angry and upset and hurt because if anyone should have made it, it should have been Eren. Mikasa especially doesn’t get it. She was always worse off than him, she was always sicker than him, or so she thought. She wanted to give up and she lived, and Eren had to die and it’s not fair because he was life and happiness and she loved him and it all just sucks.

But the doctors are thankful for Eren because they think that he really helped those kids, and that they might not have done as well without his emotional support. He might have died, but he saved all those kids. to them—Eren still won. Kinda.

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It’s very disheartening for Fye, Nyao, Ichigo, Gummy and I to work so hard on something, in this case, scanlations, and the one thing I ask for people is for them not to repost the images nor use our translations without permission, but alas, I can’t get that because I still see our comics on Facebook, Instagram, even here on Tumblr in another language, and everywhere else without credit.

I don’t know why some are just intent on pushing my buttons, but this has discouraged me so many times to post any comic even until now despite it being AkaKuro Week. I personally ask artists for permission to translate their stuff, and Fye and I work on them despite being busy with uni. I do all my typesetting on mobile (do you have any idea how difficult this is to do on a tiny screen), and the least that people can do is respect our wishes for them not to be reposted. Or to ask permission first before doing so. Or just credit us. But no, nobody wants to do that. Not only us, but think about the artists who made these comics who so kindly allowed us to translate them for ALL OF YOU.

Despite this, I still post comics because I love AkaKuro and I want to give something nice to fellow shippers.

But I am honestly just so sick of not being respected for what we do.

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I’m a hopeless romantic with a dirty mind who has high standards. 

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A lot of people use semi-colons wrong because they know there’s supposed to be a pause in their sentence that they know isn’t quite a comma, so they think it must be that mysterious semi-colon. Usually, it’s actually supposed to be an em dash (—), which in some ways is…

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vanilla extract smells so right but tastes so wrong

just like play doh

And deodorant

and perfume

and soap

life is full of so much deception and trickery

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